Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Are there too many Nurses in the Philippines? from Yahoo answers

It seems as though every girl/boy  in the Philippines wants to be a nurse. It makes sense in the fact it would give them the opportunity to make some decent money overseas. 

However, from what I've seen from relatives and their friends, this doesn't necessarily seem to be the case. A lot of these nurses go on to become "call-center" agents. From what I understand, there are way too many nurses and not enough internship opportunities for them to get experience in nursing and move abroad. Also a lot of them have trouble finding work after they graduate. Do you think that there are too many nurses in the Philippines?

Yes,   They are too many Nurses, but as a Culture, i feel the Filipino family does not think to the future. They only think of the social standing. To be a nurse in a this culture is a big deal. They really dont talk about what the salarys are, how hard it is to find work. The reality of it, seems to evade thier minds. Familys will spend upwards of P 100,000 or more to send someone through nurseing school and get licines. Then the reality is that a R.N might be lucky to get a salary of P 8500 to P 10,000 per month. They are other jobs that does not require such a large school cost and still can make the same salary. So you find many nurseing students going to call centers, and other places. Seems such a waist to pay for all that school just to end up working in a other profession.

Going abroad is the only hope for alot of these nurses. That is also a big cost, and very hard to do sometimes. My wife is a R.N in the Philippines, and when we met, she was making P 9000 a month, barley surviving, to me it was just sad. I would say for young people of the Philippines, dont look so much towards being a nurse, unless you can get with someone who can quarntee you overseas employment. Its really not worth it, if you plan to stay in the Philippines. Do something different. Commications, travel and tourism, office management.


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