Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Over 400,000 nursing students will not find work abroad as they can not can not get a local job for 1-3 years necessary work experience.

Are the universities concerned? How will it help its students compete? How do parents select the best university for their students and use their hard earned money?
It would appear that the schools and parents need to take a new deeper examination of how to better prepare & instruct for the exam as number of passers influences the number of enrollees at specific universities and later job opportunities. See this link for the schools ranking in the number of board passers nationwide

Possible actions might include starting review classes specifically geared to preparing for the Nursing exam questions and helping the students learn the appropriate materials in preparation for the exam instead of making them take expensive review classes after graduating. Colleges and universities should prepare the student for exam not after graduation review classes. Teach for the exam so students can be proud of their degree.

Even the Philippine Government is proposing adding a 5th year to certain courses to better prepare the students for later jobs and requiring Universities to specifically prepare for the exam rather than making the students hire expensive tutors from other private companies.

A number of countries are becoming concerned about the quality of the nursing graduates and I am sure Philippine colleges are also concerned in producing the best graduates to compete in the world marketplace and increasing their passing scores in relation to other universities.

2. Another problem is that we have a situation here where hundreds of thousands are lured to the nursing profession because of the prospect to work abroad. To meet this growing demand, nursing schools are increasing in number like mushrooms and are producing thousands of graduates. Yet, there are not enough facilities and hospitals to take in these 450,000 graduates for training and experience.
Good colleges and universities might try and be a leader in innovation and sign contracts with specific hospitals for its many graduates to work fulltime for 1-3 years as volunteers after graduation and passing the nursing exams, so they then would be ready to then immediately after this work experience be able to apply and work abroad. Then the school would be a leader in innovation and well regarded and sought!

Imagine all the expenses that parents go through to keep a son or daughter through a nursing course, only to see them taking menial jobs outside the course they invested in. Or worse, not have a job at all.

There is a glut of Filipino nurses because Government & Universities don’t have 1-3 years of working experience slots in country hospitals. Schools shoudl be concerned about making sure their students can work after their expensive education and other schools are providing work opportunities for their graduates why can’t school work with hospitals & government to do the same?

3. Also an innovation that might be extremely useful to students would be a blog news reference on nursing such as my Nursing blog referenced below to keep students up to date on happenings in the nation wide nursing field and in innovations in Nursing.

Nursing blog is but one of many but it should be an example of a good nursing school and its efforts if the school has an active blog for students, faculty and parents and viewers. Subscribe to read each news item as it appears.

Also Doc Leo is another good example of innovative ways to encourage students to participate and schools should encourage their schools to set up nursing and medical blogs so the world can see the quality of their students.

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