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Philippines moves to shut down ‘diploma mills’

Philippines moves to shut down ‘diploma mills’ The government is well on its way to putting an end to the perennial problem of “diploma mills” or fake diplomas often sold in some of Manila’s main streets, particularly Recto. Read more at

Philippine Nursing “DIPLOMA MILLS” -

“COA auditors said that for the past years, there were 19 schools that did not even have ONE nursing graduate who passed the board exams.”

It is appalling to read about the dumbing down of Nurse education in the Philippines while the Commission on Higher Education does nothing to correct this. CHED has closed down schools for poor perfomance in accounting, engineering and other courses, but the “buddy system” of CHED directors has left the Diploma Mill Nursing programs go untouched for over a decade!! Why aren’t the Phil. Nurse Association Officers demanding that the quality of nursing education be THE HIGHEST quality of all courses in college when LIVES ARE AT STAKE??? This will surely haunt Nurses who have paid dearly in time and money for their education. This really stinks!!

“”The condition does not only affect the quality of education but also limits the chances of graduates in the ensuing years,” COA added.”

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