Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Filipino Nursing Jobs UAE

Employers from  Middle East country of UAE are in search of Filipino nurses for various Filipino Nurse Jobs UAE. These Filipino nurse jobs are for various positions within a healthcare facility to enable them to function fully. The said Filipino nurse jobs have job orders that were approved for recruitment by the POEA last January 7, 2010 for a recruitment agency with offices in the Philippines, Macau, and Hong Kong. Listed below is the list of the said Filipino nurse jobs which includes the specific vacancy, the date the job order was approved, and the number of Filipino nurse jobs applicants to be recruited for each vacancy.

CSSD Staff Nurse -------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
Post Operative Ward Nurse ------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
Pediatric Nurse ---------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
Occupational Therapy Scrub Nurse ---- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
Labor Room Nurse ------------------------ 1/7/2010 ---- 9
Infection Control Nurse ------------------ 1/7/2010 ---- 2
ICU Nurse ---------------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
General Nurse ----------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 50
Emergency Room Nurse ----------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
Dental Nurse ------------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 10
Cath Lab Nurse ---------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
Anesthesia Nurse ------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 6
NICU Nurse -------------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 9
Nurse Educator --------------------------- 1/7/2010 ---- 2

To apply for any of the above positions, qualified and interested applicants for the said Filipino nurse jobs must proceed the office of the recruiting agency and submit their application. Or, they can visit their website and submit their application online. For info on the name, address, and contact numbers of the recruiting agency for the said Filipino nurse jobs UAE, send your request to  


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